World Cup, Face Paint, and the Biggest TV Ever

I’m not the biggest sports fan – at least as far as watching sports on television goes. Generally, I can care absolutely less about which teams is doing well this season or who even won the Super Bowl. In fact, I used to go to Magic Mountain ever Super Sunday because there were so few people there (Goliath four times in a row FTW!) – though the only reason I publicly out that little gem is because other people have caught on to that fact and it’s now just as busy as ever.

Tur-ri-bull, just tur-ri-bull.

The last time I actually really truly cared about whether a professional sports team won or lost was when I was in junior high school living in Arizona, watching the Phoenix Suns, led by Charles Barkley, almost but not quite beat the Chicago Bulls – those jerks. I watched every game that season. After the Game 6 loss, I just turned off the television and remember thinking “And… I’m done with that, thank you.”

Anyway, so with all that comes in the FIFA World Cup. My wife, Melissa, wanted so desperately to get excited about it this year – to invite people over, to watch as many games as possible. I thought “I’m open to that” but then every time we’d be watching a game, I’d simply gravitate back to my office to work or to my iPhone to play Angry Birds (damn that addiction!).

It’s amazing to think that so many people would be simultaneously, around the world, getting together to participate in something (watching the World Cup has always seemed participative in some capacity rather than simply passive). Wars have been post-poned or completely averted because of football (soccer, futbol, whatever).

To watch the final game, we went over to a friends house and got to partake in a World Cup game the way you’re meant to – with friends and various snacks. it was a lot of fun, I got a few cool photos, and we watched the whole thing on a ridiculously tiny screen (which didn’t really seem to detract from the fun).

Time for some pictures!

Make shift "television"
I'm not sure who Christoph was rooting for based on this picture
Don't worry. I'm totally not writing bad words on you.
Big smiles! Or else.
Coco the Dog enjoyed the game but thought Netherlands played a bit dirty