Stop Motion Fun with Pig and Wolf

I’ve noticed I’ve been posting several videos lately and, well, that trend isn’t going away very soon.  I’ve got yet another random piece I found (via  It’s a stop motion video of pictures in an apartment.  You just have to see it yourself.  It’s pretty cool.

The weekend was busy but I should be able to get some pictures up from Easter soon (and maybe something from… “The Photo Vault” – dum dum duuuummmm!  Um… right.


YouTube Videos and Shady Statistics

I like to check out YouTube from time to time and watch cats playing the piano as much as the next guy but every once in awhile I actually come across something with a bit more substance.

I had heard of versions of this video floating around before called ‘Did You Know?’

It looks nice.  Decent effects, interesting facts.  Though perhaps I should surround facts as “facts”.  Many of the facts in the video seem statistically misleading and/or purposely provacative, which I suppose is part of the point.  Wait, what is the point?  I’ve watched the video a few times and I can’t really tell what the point is.  To make Americans afraid of the sheer numbers of China and India?  Or to prepare us for enslavement of our future robotic overlords?

Watch it if you’d like.  Maybe you can tell me what the point is the makers of this video are driving at.  Maybe it’s to show how you can pretty much indicate whatever you want with statistics given totally unrestricted parameters and control over the presentational context.

Ah, forget it… I’m searching for some more piano playing cats.