Are You Typical?

Ran across this video while perusing YouTube (yes, I *am* that lame). I like the concept and the execution. Plus the music reminds me of Little Big Planet so that helps put a smile on my face while watching. It’s essentially about the question of what constitutes a “typical” person on the planet. Check it out.


The Times They are a Changin’

I heard that Micheal Jackson died today.

It didn’t/doesn’t really strike me on it’s own since he’s always been more of a caricature of someone famous and eccentric in my mind than an actual person.  What did strike me is that it was sudden and out of the blue.  And I heard about it via Twitter several hours before it was on the major news outlets.

Farrah Fawcett died recently too.  And so did Ed Mcmahon.

And I’ve been watching the chaos of what’s been going on in Iran via youtube including the death of Neda, a young woman who was shot and killed on the streets of Tehran while protesting the recent election in Iran.

Today, while trying to avoid thinking of any more death after reading more about Iran, I inadvertently came upon an Iranian indie band named Hypernova.  You can check out several of their songs and videos at their myspace page.

The video below seems to be their major “single” that is being pushed and it’s pretty catchy though there is some language so be forewarned those with sensitive ears.

While watching this video I suddenly flashed to when I first tried watching video on the internet.  It was way back when I was in junior high or so (which I suppose wasn’t THAT long ago relatively speaking but now that I’m 27 it sure seems like a long time ago).  Anyway, the video was choppy and I was lucky to see every 5th frame of a fifteen second clip.  Now I rely on web video entirely (I don’t have cable) and it’s all set up to play on my Xbox 360 in my living room.  I can even watch video on my new phone.  Forget that… I can even RECORD video on my phone and then immediately email it to anyone in my contacts. – I’m finally THAT guy.  I’m now that guy who starts to talk about the past when things were this way or that.

I remember when…

  • 56k modems were considered fast
  • Betamax players were still sold
  • LaserDisc was brand new (as an interesting side note, I’ve been told that UCSB – where I went to college – has one of the largest collections of LaserDisc of any university or college.  Way to pick a winner UCSB!)
  • Going to the movies cost $5.00 and $3.50 for matinee.
  • A gallon of gas cost less than a buck (sometimes much less).
  • All my siblings were either not born yet or were mere toddlers (I’m the oldest by several years).
  • 1 Gb was HUGE
  • I wanted to be an astronaut, or a doctor, or a lion tamer, or a lawyer, or a roller coaster engineer, or a radio disc jockey.
  • I didn’t get paid to design stuff – it was just wasting time back then.
  • The internet, facebook, youtube, hulu, myspace, twitter, and cell phones didn’t exist.
  • I never thought about death or growing old.
  • I would have never made a list like this.

I’d love to read what things other people remember from their childhood that seem random or interesting or funny now.


This is the Best Blog Post Ever Written

The internet and constant media bombardment (there is an ‘AND’ there for you naysayers or defenders of all things internet) is quickly making people into sensationalist linguists. It seems that regular descriptions using appropriate language to fit the situation or subject at hand is just too boring.  We are now constantly inundated with the “Most”, the “biggest”, the “best”, and the ever so popular on things like – “EVER”. Continue reading This is the Best Blog Post Ever Written


A Dog and a Yard Someday

Currently, my wife and I live in a nice little two bedroom apartment in Goleta, CA.  We pay rent that is probably higher than the lowest in the area but we still feel like we’re getting a deal for the area.  The average price, we’re told, to rent in the Santa Barbara area (the more well-known city immediately south of us) is some amount between ridiculous and absurd.  We have no children or pets.  Our second room serves as my place of business and I sometimes find myself barely even leaving the apartment for days at a time.  I often fantisize about what the future will hold and what it will be like ‘when’.  ‘When my business is more established’, ‘when my wife finishes getting her teaching credential’, ‘when I can afford a new car or bigger tv or nicer cell phone’, ‘when I have children’, ‘when we move to another town’.  The list goes on. Continue reading A Dog and a Yard Someday