Bokeh Effect and Delicious-ness

I like to find Photoshop tutorials and plow through and create stuff I’ve never done before to keep my skills sharp (or to procrastinate from other stuff… whatever).  One place that provides some top notch tutorials is

Going back through my old design files from tutorials, I came across one based on replicating the bokeh effect in Photoshop.  Read more about the bokeh effect here.  The actual tutuorial  can be found at

I think the result is kind of cool.  Not sure where I can use this knowledge now but oh well.

Reminds me of Focus Features
Reminds me of Focus Features

As a side note, if you’d like to check out more design tutorials or other things that I like to bookmark, then I recommend you check out my Delicious account at is a social bookmarking service and is awesome.  They were pioneering tag based organization of web bookmarks well before the latest crop of web browsers.