My Friend Rob is Awesome

If you’re reading this, Rob, thanks for the pictures and you rock.

For everyone else, some details:

My wife, Melissa, and I have been married for over a year and we have almost no pictures of the two of us together.  None. Zip. Zilch.  Oh, we have TONS of one or the other person but none of the two of us from our first year together as “man and wife” that would consistute an something presentable (by that I mean, in focus, in frame, etc. – I’m not expecting GQ or Vogue here).

Enter our good friend Robert (who was the best man at our wedding btw).  Rob offers to take pictures of us with his nice camera (which I have the exact same one and is starting to age and I really want an upgrade but that’s for another post).  Anyway, the three of us headed down to downtown Santa Barbara, specifically State Street, on a rather cloudy day and we got some sweet shots!

Alan & Melissa Portrait

If you’d like to see more, then check out the photoset on Flickr.

Speaking of which… I have a TON of pictures that I here by give my word that I will start to post systematically online.  I’m thinking at least once a week I will load the highlights from whenever I started getting decent looking photos and then I will proceed to explain the pictures here on my blog.  Oh man, what am I getting myself into?  I have thousands of pictures!  (A quick scan of my photo library show photos from 2004.  Oy…)  Welp, should be fun.  Stay tuned…um…whomever reads this… mom?  Wait no…