Summer Road Trip 2009 – The Follow-up, Part 1

I’m going to tell you a secret about this post. I cheated. I completely utterly cheated. I never bothered following up with this post when I should have because I took so many darn photos during the trip and I just never had the time to work on all of them. I finally got them edited but it had been so long that I resorted to cheating. I’m back dating this blog post as if nothing happened. So if you’re reading this years from now (weirdo) then know that the few faithful readers of this blog had to wait about a year for these pictures. There, I confessed. Now on to the photos!

Oh, wait, context… Ok, Melissa (my wife) and I went on a road trip from where we live – Santa Barbara, CA – to a bunch of places including Sacramento, Bend (OR), Boise (ID), and Portland (OR). This blog post is just an attempt to show some highlights from our journey. With that out of the way, photos…

For this first part of the follow-up I’m just showing some pictures I took while we were visiting our good friends the Torsons in the Bend, OR area. They have such adorable kids and live in a very beautiful place (that is in the middle of freaking nowhere). We didn’t get a lot of time with them since we had so many stops on our trip and had to get to Melissa’s cousin’s wedding a few days later but we did have a day to go hiking at nearby Smith Rock. Before we got to hiking, we stopped by Leanne’s dad’s home (he lives right near Smith Rock) and I thought his property was pretty interesting (hence all the pictures). I guess his business is in antiques and his property is covered in all kinds of random old items. It was a photo gold mine!

There was stuff like this EVERYWHERE
View looking out of the "Love It" Ranch
Elianna Torson with Oregon Mountains in the Background
Wild Bunny Friend!
I thought this was cool...
A small part of Smith Rock
That bit to the right. Yeah, that went higher. Way higher.
Baby Close-up!
We love the Torson family
Jaden is a Jedi.
Don't slip!
That baby loves berries.

Summer Road Trip 2009 – The Prep

Sometimes you just have to get away. In a car. With beef jerky.

So here’s the deal. My wife’s cousin Sarah is getting married on July 25th and we’re going. The only hitch? It’s in Eagle, ID which is just outside of Boise, ID. Melissa, my wife, offered to simply fly up there alone and said I didn’t have to go if work did not allow. But forget that! I know an opportunity when I see one! My suggestion? Road trip.

I just wrapped up several web projects and have been overworked and stressed (about deadlines) so there is nothing like a cramped car and thousands of miles to help improve my spirits. 😉

We’re still trying to piece everything together exactly and we’re leaving tomorrow. We’re about 90% sure the trip will be SB to SF to Sac to Bend, OR to Boise, ID to Portland, OR back to Bend, OR to Sac to SF and back to SB. *see map below

View Summer Road Trip 2009 in a larger map

We’re keeping costs down as much as possible by staying with friends whenever possible. We’ve already got a car rented (I pick it up tonight) and a hotel in Boise while we’re in town for the wedding. Other than that we don’t have a lot planned out. We’re couch hopping up the state of California and Oregon and will probably end up stopping at a hotel here or there if necessary. No idea what will happen.

I went a little over board at the grocery store in anticipation of the trip. There’s a big bag of trail mix in there behind the two bags of jerky. What? Don’t judge me!

So I am still working this all out but I was hoping to share our trip with our friends and family. There will be at least three posts on this blog about the trip – The Prep, The Journey, and The Follow-up. The Journey post will have pics and updates via my iPhone as we go along and The Follow-up will have the nicer pics and probably a more deailed wrap-up.

Stay tuned!

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