Monarchs Will Rule the World

It’s a good thing butterflies don’t eat people.

My younger sister, Sarah, visited us here in Santa Barbara for the last week and before she headed off (I take her to the train station in a few hours) we wanted to show her the Monarch butterflies that congregate in Ellwood every winter.

It was unbelievable.  I’ve never seen so many butterflies clumped together in one place.  They were mostly clumped in the trees but when the sun lowered and hit them just right, not only did you really get to see their color but they began to flutter about as if waking from a nap.  It really was quite impressive.

You can see a few more pictures I took of the butterflies here.  And yes, all those things in the trees that don’t look quite like leaves are, in fact, butterflies.  If they had been man-eaters, we would have been goners.  Enjoy!