Move In Day

My wife and I just finished moving into our new apartment this evening. And by “just finished” I mean we’ve finally finished moving the last of our stuff into the new apartment. We started this process on Friday morning and it is now Monday evening. It was a pain in the butt, I must say, but probably one of the most annoying aspects of the whole thing was that several of our friends mocked my wife and I for even having a semblance of complaining about moving. The reason? We moved ONE building over. Ha…I know, I know. It definitely not moving to another city or even moving to another country for that matter. It’s still frickin’ hard on the muscles though. In some weird ways I think it would have actually been easier to have moved to Sacramento, SLO, or Ventura (other places we’d at some point considered).


Stoic Glass

My wife thinks I’m weird. And this is part of the reason why.

This is a glass that was formerly filled with root beer. When I had finished drinking it I noticed that some of the foam had stuck to the side and had formed what I thought looked quite a bit like my little mascot from Taglines (who by the way is not an angry character – he’s more stoic than angry). Anyway, I, of course, thought this was hilarious and decided to take pictures.