My Friend Rob is Awesome

If you’re reading this, Rob, thanks for the pictures and you rock.

For everyone else, some details:

My wife, Melissa, and I have been married for over a year and we have almost no pictures of the two of us together.  None. Zip. Zilch.  Oh, we have TONS of one or the other person but none of the two of us from our first year together as “man and wife” that would consistute an something presentable (by that I mean, in focus, in frame, etc. – I’m not expecting GQ or Vogue here).

Enter our good friend Robert (who was the best man at our wedding btw).  Rob offers to take pictures of us with his nice camera (which I have the exact same one and is starting to age and I really want an upgrade but that’s for another post).  Anyway, the three of us headed down to downtown Santa Barbara, specifically State Street, on a rather cloudy day and we got some sweet shots!

Alan & Melissa Portrait

If you’d like to see more, then check out the photoset on Flickr.

Speaking of which… I have a TON of pictures that I here by give my word that I will start to post systematically online.  I’m thinking at least once a week I will load the highlights from whenever I started getting decent looking photos and then I will proceed to explain the pictures here on my blog.  Oh man, what am I getting myself into?  I have thousands of pictures!  (A quick scan of my photo library show photos from 2004.  Oy…)  Welp, should be fun.  Stay tuned…um…whomever reads this… mom?  Wait no…


Funny Bunny Tutorial

Since I don’t get to create nearly as many illustrations on the computer as I’d like, every once in awhile I like to find a nice tutorial online to follow along with to get the creative juices flowing. For this particular one I turned to Vector Tuts which has a growing library of tutorials and a nice little community that seems to be flourishing. Anyway, I’ve posted the results of my bunny creation here. Thanks to Rype from Vectips for the tutorials contribution.

Illustrated Rabbit


Fresno Fun

My wife, Melissa, and I had to drive up to Fresno, CA on Friday evening because she had a teaching conference thing to attend at Cal State Fresno on Saturday.  First of all, the drive up that way is always just SUCH a joy (I’m dripping with sarcasm here).  I freaking wish I had a rocket car.  It’s when I’m driving those kind of roads where I envision myself outfitted with a rocket packet or wish I could just teleport.  At least it’s not as bad as driving all the way up to Sacramento or beyond.  Highway 5 all the way up.  Woof.

It’s not all bad though.  You get a lot of time to think or talk with whoever you’re with.

While there I had to occupy myself while Melissa was in meetings and whatnot and I basically kept around Cal State Fresno.  I don’t think I want to do that again.  Anyone know of anything worthwhile to check out while visiting Fresno for the next time?  I’d LOVE to hear if there is actually anything at all.  Color me skeptical.

The New Jerks of the Farmland
The New Jerks of the Farmland

I’ll post a link to the photo set as soon as I decide whether to go “Pro” with my Flickr account or simply switch over to Google’s Picasa Web. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Should I stick with Flickr and go Pro or switch over to Picasa?

So I know I haven’t updated in quite awhile. Give me a break I’ve been busy. I’m going to make a point of retroactively going through and posting on things I should have a long time ago (some things that occurred a few years ago…haha). Anyway, I’ve done the research and decided to purchase the Pro account for Flickr. Nice API, larger community, and unlimited uploading were the deal breakers. There’s just more you can do with a Pro account on Flickr than you can for something at all comparable on Picasa. Sorry Google.

So with that here a link to the photoset from the Fresno trip. Not many pics but it’s what you get.


Mac Book Pro

Call me a sucker but I want a new Mac Book Pro so badly. I know, I know. It’s just an overpriced piece of machinery. But it’s so pretty. No, seriously though – with the new graphics chip, slight redesign and some other fancy updates, the new 15″ MBP looks awesome.

The New MacBook Pro
I borrowed this image from CNET where they talk about the MBP’s potential as a gaming machine.

A good friend of mine bought a MacBook Pro in the last six months and I think he’s bummed that a new one has come out.  But that’s always the problem with purchasing anything electronic, especially computers.  Something newer and better will always be coming out any day now.

As for the new laptop, even if I had the money to purchase one right this second (which I don’t) and even though I may want to purchase one right this second (which I do), I would still wait at least six months before I even thought about purchasing one.  For some unfortunate reason it seems as if most electronics and computer providers deem it fit to “beta test” their products with actual customers, which is a rather wank thing to do.  I’m fine with early adopters working out the kinks.

But still….who else wants one of these things?  I can’t be the only one.


War is Not Nice

For all those of you of missed out when this was first shown (which is pretty much everyone on the planet), here is a little claymation sequence I animated with my good friend, Jimmy Prola, with some extra assistance from Ken Nelson (thanks Ken!).