Over A Year

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated this blog, which is really making me look bad to the whole 2 people who ever read this thing. Sorry, guys.

There are several reasons why I haven’t posted in awhile and some of them are legitimate (some, on the other hand, consist of my desire to goof off and procrastinate). The blog has always been a creative outlet or at least an attempt to be one. There’s just one big catch – it didn’t FEEL like one to me very often.

I really do desperately want to be this amazingly talented person who just oozes awesome ideas but most of the time I think my ideas stink. Or I’m far too picky. Or I’m afraid of being scrutinized. So one of my response is often to simply avoid. Hence my avoiding updating the blog.

Shifting Internet Sands

The changes to how I generally use the internet hasn’t helped make me want to update this blog either. It really is quite a lot of work to update this thing regularly (at least for me) and if one of the main motivations is to simply share photos, thoughts, designs, and tidbits I find strewn across the web then I now use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Dribbble, and Instagram for all those things.

My phone and iPad have usurped my computer as the dominant way I experience the web when I’m not working. Work is still very much rooted on traditional computers but even that has shifted slightly. I take pictures just as much with my phone as I do with my DSLR with the added benefit of immediately being able to share them with all my friends. Sure, the pictures aren’t as nice and I don’t get to edit them in post in the same way to make them pixel perfect but at least I get to share right away. Share-ability seems to have trumped quality lately.

If I find some great video on Youtube, I used to share it on here but now that’s on Facebook and Twitter. Interesting article about web design? Twitter. Fun times with friends and family? Usually Facebook. Random thought or amusing observations (amusing to me at least)? Twitter and Facebook. Want to share a design I’ve been working on? Dribbble.

I’m also not pleased with how this blog looks or functions. It’s not up to par with the quality of work I can produce and it bothers me. I’d like to have a single column responsive design that gives me the option for larger photos and smaller columns for text but I’ve been far too pre-occupied or lazy to do anything about it.

I Miss the Curated

Even though my internet usage has shifted it seems that something has fallen through the cracks and that’s what I’m doing right now – writing. I never get to elaborate on anything anymore. Here’s a picture with a short caption! …And that’s the end of it. I don’t get to go into details about what was going on at the time. No chance to delve into my thoughts or excitement. I can’t recount in detail how the situation affected me. And I miss it.

Maybe I’m just a blow hard with too many words in his head but I want a curated experience, dang it. I still want to be able to explain myself once in awhile. Or show how thoroughly ill-informed I really am to the entire world.

Too Many Options

So what do I do now? Do I restart this blog as something entirely different? Do I pick up, dust off, and carry on as if I was here all along? Is there even an audience for my ramblings?

I’ve considered a lot of options for Taglines. It could evolve into a web comic. Or be more of a journal. Do I just share what I’m already sharing elsewhere but with a bit more explanation? I’ve considered doing journal entries in comic form (drawn on my iPad and then cleaned up on my computer and posted here). Heck, I’ve even considered doing reviews for the random things I use (mobile apps, computer programs, gadgets, video games, and so on). What do you think, wayward reader? If you’ve made it this far in the post then I think it only fair that you get a say on future posts. Tell me what you’d like to see here and I’ll up my game. Let’s do this thing.


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