Navigating the World of Craigslist

Whenever I am bored, I have the unfortunate habit (since I’m always at a computer while I’m working) to go to a few websites without much thought.  Some of these sites include,,, sometimes if I’m researching some gadget, and most often – (henceforth referred to simply as Craigslist for simplicity’s sake).

What is it

Craigslist is a tightwad, job-hunter, apartment finder dream come true. If you’ve never heard of it (which would be shocking to me) then I’ll let Wikipedia describe it: Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs,résumés, and discussion forums (source).

I’m fairly certain that Craigslist is helping to make newspapers (in their current form) obsolete – namely by taking away any need for the relatively profitable classified ads section. I don’t have any real proof for that assertion but it seems completely logical. Why would I pay for a newspaper and go to the very limited classified section to look for a job or buy a used sofa when something like Craigslist exists?

My Experience with Craigslist

My experience with the site revolves around a few specific items or sections. As a freelance web designer/developer, I routinely check jobs postings in the ‘art/media/design’ and ‘web/info design’ sections of my city and nearby cities.  As a side note, a friend of mine used Craigslist as an example of why you don’t need fancy design for a website to be successful, which is worthy of a whole other article, I think (and a smack).

I’m also a big gadget and video game nerd but don’t like to spend every last penny on these pursuits. While I am conflicted about the purchase of used video games (again worthy of an entirely new article), I’m not below partaking in it. Gadgets, on the other hand, are a “buy at your own risk”, though I’ve never had a bad experience.

The ‘apt/housing’ section has also been tread regularly in my hunt for the perfect home I’ve never moved to – more on that soon.

Of course, the other thing I’ve used Craigslist for has been to sell off items I didn’t want anymore but this is actually the LEAST used section (for me) of the four things I’ve listed.

Over the next few days I think I’ll post a few articles about the first three items I mentioned about how I use Craigslist – jobs, buying used items, and finding a decent home. I’ll toss out a few tips but most likely will go on many tangents about my own life so be prepared, dear reader!


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