Move In Day

My wife and I just finished moving into our new apartment this evening. And by “just finished” I mean we’ve finally finished moving the last of our stuff into the new apartment. We started this process on Friday morning and it is now Monday evening. It was a pain in the butt, I must say, but probably one of the most annoying aspects of the whole thing was that several of our friends mocked my wife and I for even having a semblance of complaining about moving. The reason? We moved ONE building over. Ha…I know, I know. It definitely not moving to another city or even moving to another country for that matter. It’s still frickin’ hard on the muscles though. In some weird ways I think it would have actually been easier to have moved to Sacramento, SLO, or Ventura (other places we’d at some point considered).


2 thoughts on “Move In Day”

  1. That was such a tiring day. I didnt realize how much stuff we had until we moved. I think everyone should be required to move every few years so they are motivated to get rid of things they dont use.

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