Stop Motion Fun with Pig and Wolf

I’ve noticed I’ve been posting several videos lately and, well, that trend isn’t going away very soon.  I’ve got yet another random piece I found (via  It’s a stop motion video of pictures in an apartment.  You just have to see it yourself.  It’s pretty cool.

The weekend was busy but I should be able to get some pictures up from Easter soon (and maybe something from… “The Photo Vault” – dum dum duuuummmm!  Um… right.


Public Dancing

Although I am not much of a dancer (scratch that… I’m not a dancer at all), I can still appreciate the art form – particularly if there are huge numbers of people choreographed together.  I’m not much of a musical guy either but dang it if this video isn’t entertaining.

And since I’m talking about choreographed dance videos you might as well check out:


Disney Templates

I always had a strong sense as a kid that every time I saw one of the old classic animated Disney films that I had already seen parts of the film before in other Disney films.  The following video confirms exactly what I always suspected but was always to lazy to actually prove.

And in case you think I’m bagging on Disney for copying themselves, I’m not.  Traditional animation is long and grueling (at one point I wanted to be an animator) so I expect to see some of this here and there pop up in the old films.  It’s just funny just how closely they actually adhered in some films to other films (namely The Jungle Book and Robin Hood).