Blood On My Name

I recently came across a video on Vimeo that blew me away. It’s called Blood On My Name and was made by Whitestone Motion Pictures. On the Vimeo page for the video it’s described as a “short film musical narrative in the style of americana southern gothic folklore.” I don’t normally care for musicals (it normally feels so weirdly out of place and the music is rarely my taste) but this reminded me more of O Brother Where Art Thou?, both in terms of music and presentation as well as time frame of the film (and I love O Brother Where Art Thou? so that helps).

I think the cinematography of Blood On My Name is fantastic and the concept is fascinating for a short film. Not only that but the main song used in it is great and was immediately added to my music library after watching the film (you can download the full soundtrack here). Check the video out below.

Blood On My Name on Vimeo:
Whitestone Motion Pictures website:
Download the soundtrack directly:


Are You Typical?

Ran across this video while perusing YouTube (yes, I *am* that lame). I like the concept and the execution. Plus the music reminds me of Little Big Planet so that helps put a smile on my face while watching. It’s essentially about the question of what constitutes a “typical” person on the planet. Check it out.


I Heart Words

The best class I ever took in college was on typography. I love the art of the written word and love the recent trend of putting recorded dialogue to artistic motion referred to as kinetic typography. Basically, it’s potent or informational audio (often from a film) with the corresponding written text animated onto the screen in interesting ways as the audio plays. There are a TON of these kinds of videos on YouTube from famous movies. My latest favorite is one from an audio recording by Stephen Fry seen below.


One Trillion – It’s Not THAT Big, Really

For those wondering where the road trip follow-up post went to, don’t worry – it’s coming VERY soon. I had some work to catch up on last week when we got back from our trip. I’m hoping to have some more photos from the trip and some other randomness from the trip up by the end of the week.

In the mean time, I ran across this video that I thought was interesting – especially to anyone that cares about inflation or the state of the US dollar.


Tilt-Shift and Catching Up

Recently (as in the last year), I’ve discovered one of the coolest photo techniques I’ve seen in awhile.  I’m probably behind the curve on this but tilt-shift photography is freakin’ amazing.

I’m sure there are a ton of technical things you could do with tilt-shift photography but the coolest are when the photos are made to simulate miniatures.  The following video is one of the coolest examples I’ve yet seen of the tilt-shift technique applied to film.  The filmmaker, Keith Loutit, also has several of short films on his Vimeo page worth checking out as well.

Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.