One Trillion – It’s Not THAT Big, Really

For those wondering where the road trip follow-up post went to, don’t worry – it’s coming VERY soon. I had some work to catch up on last week when we got back from our trip. I’m hoping to have some more photos from the trip and some other randomness from the trip up by the end of the week.

In the mean time, I ran across this video that I thought was interesting – especially to anyone that cares about inflation or the state of the US dollar.


This is the Best Blog Post Ever Written

The internet and constant media bombardment (there is an ‘AND’ there for you naysayers or defenders of all things internet) is quickly making people into sensationalist linguists. It seems that regular descriptions using appropriate language to fit the situation or subject at hand is just too boring.  We are now constantly inundated with the “Most”, the “biggest”, the “best”, and the ever so popular on things like – “EVER”. Continue reading This is the Best Blog Post Ever Written


Quack Quack… Or is it Honk Honk?

Funny little experiment I found in my design folder.  The picture is from a camping trip to Oceano, CA my wife and I went on about a year ago (I think it was a year ago… darn this brain!).

That bird will mess you up

Upon a revisit to this image, it should say ‘Honk, Honk’ right?  Bah, I like it as it is.

I should probably upload the rest of those pics from Oceano up here sometime.  Hmm…  maybe this weekend.  Stay tuned!