A Little About Alan and Taglines are for Chumps

This is the blog of Alan B. Dowling, obviously, and as such I suppose you are entitled to know a little bit about me, Alan. I’m a graphic and web designer, but this blog isn’t really about that actually. If you’re interested in knowing more about that then you should check out www.immersus.com.

Ultimately, this blog is a way to communicate and share my thoughts and opinions and a slice of my life with my friends and family (and the occasional random visitor). With that said, I live near Santa Barbara, CA and love it here. The “Central Coast” – basically between Ventura and SLO or thereabouts – really is a beautiful and unique place. It’s also freaking expensive. I love gadgets, sci-fi, animation, and playing the occasional video game. Dang. I’m such a geek. I also think Jesus rocks my socks (no proselytizing here but it’s a part of my life and I’m bound to talk about it). Oh, and I should warn you outright that some may consider my sense of humor…odd. You’ve been warned. Thanks for visiting.